"I think the importance of influencers to the fashion business is that they reach out and not only to people in Greece, but it is also worldwide". Anna Mavridis, fashion influencer


Good morning Mrs. Mavridis.

Anna Skoog Mavridis it is your full name. Where exactly is your native country?

I’m Swedish and my husband is Greek. I decided that I want to keep my husband’s surname.

Are there many influencers in Sweden? Are they successful?

Oh yes, some of the world’s biggest influencers. Some of them have millions of followers and they are very successful. To be honest, I’m not that kind of influencer. What I mean is that influencers will try to show almost everything and influence people to buy it. So, how I want to be seen? I want women to have a look at my profile, at my photos and get inspired and not only of what I’m wearing. I want to give a positive vibe, a good energy and nice aesthetics. It’s not only about clothes, but also about home, travel, even my family. Of course, I show my style and what I’m wearing, but I never propose products for someone to buy. I even don’t write a lot of text in my posts. I never do giveaways. I did a few in the past but I said no, it’s not my thing.

Of course, I like to influence people to do a different combination of wearing things. But I think that it is more for the younger ages that they are influenced by someone, and they want to be them. My followers are older, 30, 40 60 years old and they can say ok, I can wear this as well!

I see from your pictures in Santorini that you are also Greece’s ambassador. You make the Greek islands look fantastic and you convince people to visit Greece.  

Yes, I love Greece. That was never a plan to convince people to come to Greece, but it can be also a way of influencing people to travel if you show hotels, if you show travel spots. I have so many followers due to Santorini. They came to Santorini, they stopped me on the street “Hi I’m from Brazil, I’m here because of you, I’ m from Argentina, Australia etc. Of course, I have lots of Greek followers because I live here now, but I used to live in Germany, I have many German followers and a lot of international followers. I had them from the beginning.

What initiated your interest on becoming a fashion influencer?

I never had any plan. I never even knew that this work existed. I started 10 years ago, with Instagram. I took and posted pictures of Santorini, of me, of my family, I wore my own things. At that time everything was different with Instagram. Suddenly I got a lot of followers and then day by day during the second summer I got more followers. Hashtags didn’t exist at that time. So, when occasionally I posted a photo of myself, everybody was asking “Oh what are you wearing, from where is that dress”. Then I started putting a little bit more photos of myself. I had 5,000 followers at that time, it was quite a lot. Then I got an email from an American company in L.A. that made leather handbags and they asked if they could send me some bags because they loved my style and the whole island feeling. I thought it was a joke. I said to my husband “is it a scam or something”, “why they want to send me something for free?”. I didn’t answer to them because I thought something will happen. Then I checked the company, and it was OK. And then suddenly I understood that I must mention the brand and make a hashtag. Then I learned that. My first 2 brands were the one from L.A. and an Australian resortwear brand. After that there were some Greek designers. And it started to be fun. It was like Christmas. It was amazing!

So, is it still fun?

It’s still fun, especially when I travel and make photos. And most of the time its relaxing because I don’t see it as a photo shooting, I don’t use a photographer. My friends, my husband takes almost all the photos, even my son sometimes.  

So that’s why it’s easy because we can do it in our daily life. I always wear the clothes that I show to my photos, so it is always my daily style.

Isn’t your husband getting bored of taking your pictures all the time?

In the beginning yes, he didn’t like it so much, but when it became business, he was ok. It’s about supporting each other. When I’ m in Sweden my mother takes the photos!!!

Is your job hard? What are the main skills you need to be a successful fashion influencer?

This work is not for everybody. I put a weekly schedule for my posts. It’s more tough when someone must go for shootings all the time and put makeup and so on. There are periods that there is a lot of work, and I must take photos for one outfit minimum per day. In Santorini I have one day outfit and one night outfit. But sometimes its stressful, when I have a lot of work, and I wake up and I feel like I want to be in my jogging pants, and I know I must dress up and I must get ready. The good thing is that I don’t go to the hairdresser and put much make up. I’m not fixed from top to toe. I put my sunglasses on and …ready to go!

How many followers do you need before you can be a professional influencer?

You can have 10,000 followers and still have an impact to others, to a small amount of people. You can still do a great job. It is easier of course if you have a good engagement to have more jobs.

Can an influencer be based on fake number of followers?

No, companies can do research on it. It is not normal for a person to have 100 followers and the next day 100,000.

In which way do you think that the presence of influencers is necessary to the fashion business?

Maybe they have become necessary because of Instagram. It’s so easy to get your “fashion dose”. I think the importance of influencers to the fashion business is that they reach out and not only to people in Greece, but it is also worldwide.

Did fashion influencers replace fashion models?

Yes, I think so! Because in the end I think people are more inspired from influencers and they see them like normal people, they are more reachable.  Models are always too beautiful too perfect and whatever they wear of course it looks amazing on them but. They will show some fashion trends but, in the end, people don’t identify with them.

Does every woman want to be a model? Is influencing a way for every woman to become a model? Are there any prerequisites?

If you want to be a fashion influencer you must have a sense of style and some kind of uniqueness. Of course, many people want to see the girl next door. It’s not possible for everybody, but you must find your way and be consistent.

Do you invest in your job? Which expenses do you make?

I travel. I always traveled with my family but now I think a little bit more of where I’m going and choose better hotels because I can do better photos. I also invest in accessories: to upgrade my photos, I buy some nice handbags, some nice shoes to go with the styling. You need to be a little bit updated.

 What would you advise to anyone who loves fashion?

Now days there is no age somehow in fashion. You must be careful to wear things that look good on you and not to go for things because you saw them somewhere or it’s in fashion or whatever. Me, I have the same style. I’m not someone who is going to show the latest trends. I think you need to be true to yourself and to try to figure out how you want to present yourself.

Thank you.

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